Training Water & Wastewater Professionals
for the Future, in
Southern & Central Oregon.

 Concrete Sewer Pipe Layed In Chinese Tunnel Dated in the 1920's

Fats, Oils, & Grease  Inspections

Stormwater Quality

Medford WRD Methane Flame

The South Central Oregon Section of The Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association (PNCWA)  was started by a few men and women who wanted professional training that was close to home and economical.

With the help of the PNCWA, the South Central Oregon Section elected officers,  adopted a Constitution and By-Laws, and held their first meeting in mid 2005. The Section is now training Water and Wastewater Professionals in South Central Oregon.  Check out our membership information letter!

The Section will be offering Continuing Education Units (CEU's) through classroom training throughout the year at an affordable price and within an easy driving distance.

Training is all important to Wastewater & Water Professionals. SPONSORS are one of the most important aspects to funding this training. If you would like to become a Member or Corporate Sponsor of the Section please follow the links below.

Section Member-       pdf form     
Corporate Sponsor-   pdf form     

(Print and Fill Out the appropriate form. Mail to the address on the form along with your remittance)

PNCWA Only Member-   pdf form                
WEF Member-                    pdf form

(Be sure to send these forms to the address on the form!)





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15" & 8" Clay Sewer Pipe Install West Medford March 2010
Redmond WPCF 2009

FOG Enforcement
Pump Covered in Fats, Oils, & Grease

Stormwater Quality Enforcement